Job Needs and Priorities Report


Every major workforce sector faces challenges when it comes to training and retaining qualified workers and the transportation industry is no exception. With a large population of the workforce moving towards retirement, as well as, ever changing skill set demands due to technological advancements, locating and addressing the gaps within the workforce pipeline is more crucial than ever to sustain a vibrant transportation industry. The pipeline for the transportation industry is broad and far reaching and the skills needed by the industry vary by mode and range from certificate-level training to advanced multidisciplinary degrees. While the country faces these issues as a whole, this report sets out to specify the needs specific to the Southeast Region.

Within the Phase I report you will find detailed information on key transportation occupations and job projections for the next 10 years. This is followed by a thorough analysis of the key occupations to pinpoint the current and potential gaps in the skills pipeline. Based on these gaps, a summary of priority occupations within the industry is presented. A download of the Job Needs and Priorities Report, along with the Appendix of the report can be accessed below.

Job Needs and Priorities Report – Download

Job Needs and Priorities Report Appendix – Download

Job Needs and Priorities Report: Executive Summary - Download

The Phase II report outlines methodology and stakeholder input leading to the detailed descriptions of Strategic Action Plans for the SETWC to undertake in the next two years.  The full Phase II report as well as summary report are available for download below.

Job Needs and Priorities Report:  Phase II (Full Report) - Download

Job Needs and Priorities Report:  Phase II Summary - Download