Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

This is a forum for the top echelon of the state's campus leaders to exchange ideas, express their opinions and learn how government works. Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature Each year, SGA sends a delegation of 18 students to the General Assembly in November to represent the University of Memphis. Students selected will participate in one of the 4 programs: legislative (House and Senate), lobbying, AMC3, or media. For more information please contact one of our delegation's executive officers, visit our social media pages @tisltigers (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), or visit www.tislonline.org.

Executive Council

Anna Gretz - Chief Executive Officer/Head Delegate - agretz@memphis.edu
Briauna Lovin - Executive Officer of Legislation
Joseph Atkins - Executive Officer of Lobbying and AMC3
Matthew Mullins - Director of Marketing and Recruitment