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TigerLIFE Completion Award Ceremony 2022
TigerLIFE Completion Award Ceremony 2022

TigerLIFE Completion Award Ceremony 2020-2021
TigerLIFE Completion Award Ceremony 2020-2021

TigerLIFE Completion Award Ceremony 2019
Completion Award Ceremony 2019
Our thanks to the following for making this day so special and memorable
for our students, families and staff:
Dr. M. David Rudd, President, University of Memphis
The Honorable Jim Strickland, Mayor of Memphis
Dr. Alfred Hall, Assistant Dean, College of Education
Dr. Steven L. West, Professor & Chair, CEPR
Completion Ceremony


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In case of bad weather, there are several ways to find out about school closing as well as other emergency information:

  • University of Memphis special information line: 901-678-0888
  • University of Memphis main web page www.memphis.edu
  • The local broadcast news media
  • WUMR (FM 91.7)
  • Campus email system
  • Campus LifeSafe system LiveSafe

The LiveSafe system will automatically send text messages about emergency alerts and university closings to your cell phone. To register, you'll need your student's UUID number (the first part of their email address) and password.

Thank you for using these resources and if you have any questions, please let us know.

TigerLIFE (Tigers Learning Independence Fostering Education and Employment), is the largest and most ethnically diverse program for intellectually/developmentally disabled adults in the state of Tennessee. Founded in January 2013, TigerLIFE operates under the Institute of Disability in the College of Education at the University of Memphis. We offer a diverse curriculum designed to help young adults succeed in obtaining and maintaining employment, and live independently as citizens of the Memphis/Shelby community. With support from several stakeholders, our goal is to guide our students down the path to employment and help them become integrated in the working world alongside their non-disabled peers.