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The Prevention Center often partners with the Registered Student Organization (RSO) SAPAC to put on events and conduct trainings. 

SAPAC | Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Coalition | know more. do better. unite together. | @uofmsapac on social mediaSexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Coalition (SAPAC) Executive Board and Committees

SAPAC is dedicated to educating the UofM community on the issues of sexual and domestic violence through outreach, training, and events. SAPAC uses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's STOP SV Technical Package as a framework for its prevention efforts, and much of its work focuses on bystander intervention, building allies, and dispelling common myths around sexual violence through programming and training. During the President's Leadership Recognition Awards in April 2019, SAPAC was named "Student Organization of the Year." To find out more information about getting involved with SAPAC, check out SAPAC on Instagram, Twitter and TigerZone.

photo of peer educators after a presentation

SAPAC Peer Educators

SAPAC also has a group of peer educators selected based on their passion for the topic and their ability to connect with peers. SAPAC Peer Educators have completed 25+ hours of training in peer education, facilitation techniques, and the topics of Title IX, Sexual Violence, and Interpersonal Violence. Part of their training includes obtaining the NASPA (Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education) Certified Peer Educator credential. Each semester, Peer Educators dedicate at least 20 hours to training their peers, including presenting on the topic with trained professional staff members in ACAD 1100, which is the University's introduction to the university class.