Online Sexual Assault Prevention Training

The University of Memphis requires that all currently enrolled students complete an annual online EVERFI Sexual Assault Prevention training. This training will help students develop critical skills to make thoughtful and appropriate choices outside the classroom; become aware of key University policies and community values; reflect on knowledge, attitudes, and experiences; support peers as they navigate new situations; and contribute to building a University campus environment that promotes healthy, respectful interpersonal relationships and prevents the occurrence of sexual misconduct and violence.

If you have any questions, please review the FAQs below. If your question is not answered, then please reach out to us at preventiontraining@memphis.edu.


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Federal law requires that the UofM provides sexual assault prevention training to its entire student population. Given the size of our student population, online training is the only way to ensure that every student has had the opportunity to engage with this content, know about important campus and community resources, and understand campus expectations regarding conduct. Although there are no penalties contemplated for non-completion, it is incredibly important each student completes the training.

If a student has concerns about taking the training due to previous exposure to sexual or domestic/ dating violence, please contact us at preventiontraining@memphis.edu to seek a waiver from taking the course.