Microsoft Teams Training

If you're interested in learning how to use Microsoft Teams and its features, UM3D is hosting a training that you can join. Microsoft Teams is a great tool for collaborating with teams, and this training will teach you how to make the most of its various features.

With Teams, you can easily switch from group chat to video conference with just a button. You can access, share, and edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel files in real-time. You can also manage your calendar invites and join meetings directly in Teams.

Teams is a Microsoft solution for online collaboration, and we're excited to offer it as a new service. Join the training to learn how to use it effectively.

Training Sessions

  • Navigating the Basics of Microsoft Teams -  This training session will cover how to use Microsoft Teams, the all-in-one collaboration hub for your team. You will learn how to navigate the interface and use key features. 

  • Teams Management Training: Unleash the Power of Collaboration - This training session will cover managing and collaborating with your team spaces in  Teams.
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Teams - This training session goes beyond the basics and delves deeper into Microsoft Teams. You'll learn advanced tips and tricks that will help improve your productivity, collaboration, and overall experience while using Teams.


Yes. With Microsoft Teams users can schedule meetings and place calls directly to faculty or students. For more information about online meetings and conference calls, click here. To learn more about placing a call, review this link.

The biggest differences are the steps taken to start or join the conference call and of course the interfaces of the software; how Teams looks vs how Zoom looks. With Microsoft Teams users can schedule meetings and place calls directly to faculty or students.  With Zoom, we can schedule meetings or have a meetings with groups or one-on-one with individuals. For more information about online meetings and conference calls, click here. To learn more about placing a call, review this l

Yes. In Teams we can chat with each other within a meeting and outside of meetings in private chat rooms. Microsoft Teams allows you to chat one-on-one with an individual, with a group and within any Teams Meeting.

Similar to Zoom, Teams offers integrations with the desktop version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office Tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, etc. This feature allows easy sharing of files, folders, and documents, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Yes.  Any Teams meeting or call can be recorded for future viewing. The recording captures audio, video, and screen sharing activity, and you can share it securely across your organization. A recording will expire and be automatically deleted after 30 days. To learn more click here.


  • Meeting recordings won't capture whiteboards, annotations, shared notes, or content shared in the stage view by apps, and won't include videos or animations embedded in PowerPoint Live presentations.
  • When you view a meeting recording, you'll see no more than four peoples' video streams at once.

Yes, the max meeting capacity for Teams is 300 participants.

Yes. Teams has a desktop version (via the web browser) and an application (a downloadable App) for access. To have access to all Teams features, it is best practices to use the applications (App) over the desktop version. Use this link to download the Teams application.

Yes. In Teams, you can create breakout rooms.  Only the meeting organizers on a desktop version of Teams (Windows, Mac and VDI) can create and manage breakout rooms. Organizers or presenters must first join the meeting to create or manage breakout rooms. For more information about breakout rooms in Teams, review this link

Your Zoom recordings will still be available for you to access in Canvas Studio. However, the integration between Zoom and Canvas will stop working after August 12th. UM3D recommends that you move all of your Zoom recordings to Canvas Studio before the integration is deprecated.  


Teams Video Tutorials

Explore our video tutorials on using Teams or visit our YouTube page.

Department or Individual Training

Please contact um3d@memphis.edu for department training. For individual training, book a consultation with a trainer.