UM3D Winter Summit

Join faculty from the University of Memphis campus community for UM3D’s annual Winter Summit on the afternoons of February 22 & 23 from 1pm-4pm! 

The UM3D annual Winter Summit showcases faculty’s innovative teaching strategies with the broader campus community. Each year, UM3D identifies a specific trend, technology, or pedagogical concept to feature as the Summit Spotlight. This year’s Spotlight focuses on the University of Memphis’ faculty response to the recent explosion in availability and use of AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard.  

On Thursday, February 22, six faculty from across the University of Memphis will gather at 1pm in the McWherter Library's Second Floor Commons to demonstrate innovative programs, courses, or projects that target instructional approaches in hybrid, online, in-person learning environments. Come early, stay late: attendees may come and go as desired. Coffee, snacks, and stimulating conversation will be provided! No registration needed. 

Six more presentations via Zoom follow all afternoon from 1-4 on Friday, February 23.(Register below)

This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers and engage with other faculty who are creating pathways for student success and learning innovation. 

February 22 1pm—4:00PM  2nd Floor Library Commons (No registration needed)
February 23 1pm—4:00PM Zoom  Register Now!


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Thursday, February 22, 2024 In Person- 2nd Floor McWherter Library 1pm-4pm

Brief Description:
I created an assignment that encourages students to explore Generative AI tools from the perspective of privacy and bias. In this presentation, I discuss how I conducted this assignment and suggest how faculty can conduct this exercise for themselves to determine and articulate how they personally perceive privacy and bias in generative AI, and Educational Technology broadly, prior to choosing whether to adopt a technology into their classroom.

Brief Description:
I created an assignment that required students to use ChatGPT to formulate an outline for a sample research paper and write a reflection on the task.  In this presentation, I discuss the structure of the assignment and present an analysis of the content of students’ reflections on the assignment. 

Brief Description:
Learn how to set up your asynchronous online course to require students to listen to your lectures and conduct knowledge checks to ensure they are paying attention. See a course in action that allows students to go at their own pace and minimizes or eliminates the temptation for academic misconduct. 

Brief Description:
In this presentation we will look at AI in the classroom from both student and faculty perspectives. At the heart of this discussion are questions of what we mean by intelligence in the classroom, how educational legitimacy is determined, and how AI has already begun to shape the educational process. 

Brief Description:
This presentation will discuss an assignment created for and implemented in SOCI 4210 Rise of Sociological Theory in the Fall 2023 semester. 

Brief Description:
Reflective writing that asks students to interact with and think critically about AI-generated writing services like ChatGPT can help promote more informed, responsible, and effective use of these services. In this presentation, I'll consider this and other affordances of incorporating ChatGPT into English Composition I and other writing-intensive courses. 


Friday February 23, 2024 Virtual via Zoom Register Now! 

Brief Description:
Join me to learn simple ways to introduce the use of Microsoft Teams into your courses to increase student-to-student interaction and student-to-instructor interaction. 

Brief Description:
This presentation describes a process to generate discussion forums that privilege the personal experiences of students while being course relevant. 

Brief Description:
While AI can be a powerful tool for many tasks, it's crucial to recognize that it's not always the best fit for classrooms. This presentation will explore when AI might not be an effective instructional tool and offer alternative approaches that encourage deeper student engagement.  

Brief Description:
This presentation delves into the innovative use of ChatGPT in a graduate-level strategic media writing course, highlighting its significance in aligning academic teaching with industry standards in mass communication fields like public relations and advertising. The focus is on preparing students to use AI tools ethically and proficiently, essential skills in the evolving demands of today’s public relations and advertising industries. 

Brief Description:
In this presentation, I will discuss how to leverage Generative AI tools like ChatGPT as genre machines, a concept I use to underscore how these tools process writing first and foremost as a design problem 

Brief Description:
AI Literacy is becoming a critical topic for students and faculty alike. An important model for AI literacy has been developed at Georgia Tech by Long and Magerko. I'll review some basic technical details about how AI works, review evidence that establishes the growing need for AI literacy and present my experience teaching AI literacy in an undergraduate honors forum course. 

Presentations on Demand

Dr. Yeonji Jung and Dr. Leigh Williams | Instruction Curriculum Leadership & Counsel Education Psych Research.

"Enriching Online Learning: Navigating Technical and Pedagogical Integration of Social Annotation Tools in Course Activity"

Brief description: Enhancing student engagement in online courses through innovative instructional methods is crucial for effective learning. In response to this growing need, instructors at the College of Education have actively experimented with social annotation tools, such as Perusall, to facilitate student engagement with courses in recent semesters.