Tiger Vocabulary

Often colleges and universities seem to operate by using their own language. Words, phrases or abbreviations are used in conversation or descriptions that might be challenging to understand for anyone not already immersed in the university culture. To help aid in that understanding, we have compiled a comprehensive list of college language and our own unique Tiger lingo, listed in alphabetical order.

Accreditation Certification that a school or institution has met standards set by an outside review organization.

Articulation Agreement An agreement between two or more institutions to transfer courses. The agreement identifies specific courses that may be taken at participating institutions in lieu of courses at the University of Memphis.

Blue Line Complimentary shuttle service for students with various pick-up/drop-off locations around campus and nearby sites.

Carpenter Complex Apartment-style residence hall north of Central Avenue.

Shirley C. Raines Centennial Place Residence hall at Patterson Street and Norriswood Avenue with traditional single- and
double-rooms along with 24 apartments.

Commencement Graduation ceremony that honors graduating students in all schools and colleges.

Convocation An event held on the first day of the semester where students learn UofM traditions and are introduced to staff and faculty members.

Course Catalog Each academic year has its own listing of course offerings and academic requirements. Whichever course catalog a student enters into the University with will be their academic requirements for college completion.

CRIS Campus Recreation and Intramural Services is located south of Southern Avenue. The office manages the Student Recreation and Fitness Center which offers workout equipment, a pool, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts for students, faculty, and staff. Student access is free.

Daily Helmsman The student newspaper on campus.

Disability Resources for Students (DRS) An office on campus to support students with special learning needs and accommodations.

E-Courseware Online system used in classes to take quizzes and tests, have online forum discussions and turn in coursework.

Elective A course that is not required for a major or minor. For example, if your student is majoring in history, they may take an art class as an elective.

FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA must be filled out to be awarded grants, loans, scholarships and work-study jobs.

FedExForum Basketball arena located in downtown Memphis, where the men's basketball team plays their home games. The Forum is also home to the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies.

Fieldhouse On-campus athletic facility where the women's basketball and volleyball teams compete when at home.

Final Exam Period Period of time when final examinations are administered to students.

Frosh Camp A four-day camp away from Memphis for incoming freshmen. It is a supplement to orientation, allowing students to meet campus leaders and fellow classmates.

Graduate Assistant (GA) A graduate student assisting a department or office in its daily functions.

Go Tigers Go! Chant from the University fight song that can be heard at athletic functions and around campus.

Graduate Student Student who has completed a bachelor's degree and is working on completing a master's or doctoral degree.

Greek A member of a fraternity or sorority.

Holds A hold may be placed on a student's academic record for various reasons, such as non-payment of tuition and fees, not returning library books, library fines, not satisfying immunization records, parking fines or academic reasons. Most holds prevent students from registering or release of a student's academic records. Students should check their myMemphis account to contact the correct office to satisfy the requirements to have the hold removed.

"I'm So Glad I Go to the UofM" University song that can be heard at athletic events.

Incomplete A temporary grade given to a student who has to leave a class with the intention of completing it within the next semester. An "I" will appear on the student's transcript until all requirements have been fulfilled.

Internship A part-time or full-time temporary job in a real-world setting closely related to a student's area of study. It may be done for college credit and it may be a paid or unpaid position.

Liberty Bowl Football stadium, located at Central Avenue and East Parkway, where the football team plays its home games.

LLC Living Learning Complex-Honors and Scholars Housing. A residence hall located on Patterson Avenue that houses honors, themed or major-based communities of students.

Loan Money borrowed to be repaid after graduation.

Major The area that a student chooses to specialize in for their studies.

MATA Memphis Area Transit Authority provides bus services in and around Memphis.

Minor Academic area that a student chooses to specialize in that requires fewer courses than a major.

myMemphis Portal system that allows students to manage their personal information. It allows students to register for classes, view their financial aid package, student accounts, transcripts and request enrollment verification.

Office Hours Times each week that professors and instructors are in their office to speak with students. Professors usually announce their office hours on the first day of class and on their print or web-based course material.

Prerequisite A course that must be completed before a student can enroll in a more advanced course.

Priority Permit Students can opt to purchase a priority parking permit in select lots for an additional fee and gated access.

Provost Chief University officer who oversees all academic areas of the University.

Resident Assistant (RA) Typically an upper-level student who manages and oversees a group of rooms and the students living in them in a residence hall.

Registered Student Organization (RSO) There are more than 200 RSOs on campus for students to get involved in. The Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Activities Council (SAC) are two examples of student organizations.

RSO Fair On the first day of classes, all Registered Student Organizations participate in a fair for all students to attend and learn about different opportunities available on campus.

Student Academic Success Departments in  Student Academic Success connect students and their families to the resources needed to navigate the opportunities and challenges that will come during college.

Study Day The day prior to final exam period during most regular semesters. No classes or other activities are scheduled this day.

Syllabus An outline from the professor of the requirements, academic policies, and schedule of assignments for the course.

Teaching Assistant (TA) A graduate-level student assisting in the teaching of an undergraduate course with a professor.

Tiger Den Dining location in Jones Hall that offers options including an all-you-care-to-eat buffet, Steak 'n' Shake, Subway and Pod Market.

Tiger Eat$ All full-time undergraduate students taking at least one class on-campus receive $300 in Dining Dollar$ in the Fall and Spring semesters to be used at any on-campus dining facility or vending machine.

Tiger Escort Escort service that takes students to their car or residence hall at night.

Tiger Funds Money added to a student's account. The funds can be used like a debit card at locations across campus, including dining locations, some vending machines, the bookstore, and various locations off campus. Funds can be added to a student's account through the Bursar's Office in Wilder Tower or online.

Tiger Leadership Institute (TLI) Tiger Leadership Institute is a program that intends to make long-term leadership education available to any undergraduate student. Three levels of training are offered, with each level having a specific audience and purpose.

Tiger Learning Communities are learning communities that use clusters of courses to connect different disciplines to a common theme. The specially selected faculty incorporate their specific theme in assignments and activities throughout the semester.

Tiger Link A software system utilized in Career Services for students to access job and internship listings, career fair information, on-campus interview schedules, resume and cover letter templates, online practice interviews, and the ability to schedule career advising appointments through an online calendar system.

Tiger Scholarship Manager Online portal for students to apply for internal and external scholarships.

Tiger's Restaurant A full-service restaurant located in the University Center. It includes a big screen television and pool tables for students to enjoy.

TigerXpress Online system for paying student fees.

TigerZone An online operating system that houses all of the registered student organizations. This portal shows students what events are happening on campus and what RSO's they can plug into.

TOM University of Memphis live mascot, TOM the Tiger. TOM (Tigers of Memphis) lives in a sanctuary in North Mississippi and his care is funded by the Highland Hundred booster club. TOM is a regular visitor at home football games.

Transcript An official university statement of a student's academic records.

University Center (UC) Building on campus that houses student services, including a 24/7 computer lab, campus post office and boxes, student organization offices and dining options. Often called the heart of campus. There is also a food court located in the University Center that offers a variety of food options, including Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Panda Express, pizza and Grab-and-Go station.

UMDegree Online course planning and degree tracker to help students keep up with their number of credits, courses still needed for their major and completed classes.

Undergraduate A student who is working toward a bachelor's degree.

UUID The University Identification number assigned to each student upon application to the University. This number is located on your student's Campus Card as well as in their MyMemphis account.

Wilder Tower Tallest building on campus that houses many of the student services offices, including the Registrar, Bursar, Admissions, Financial Aid, Recruitment, Orientation, Career Services, Counseling Center and Disability Resources for Students.

Work-Study Job Job that is awarded as part of a student's financial aid package. These jobs are financed through the federal government. Consideration for federal work-study is given to students who demonstrate financial need. Students should look at their financial aid award in myMemphis to determine if they have been awarded. Those not receiving this award can also find employment on campus as a regular student worker.