I Want To... 

Below is a list of topics that many of our parents need information on. Each topic is linked to the proper web page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at parents@memphis.edu.


Know about Study Abroad options for my student

Know how my student registers for classes

Know what books my student needs for classes

Know where to purchase books

Know about graduation

Know about the University Libraries

Know where my student can find a tutor

Know about admissions

Know how my child can transfer to the University of Memphis

Know what my student can major in


Purchase tickets to a University of Memphis Football game, Basketball game or other athletic event

Career Services/ Internships

Know about available internships

Know about career planning for my student

Know about student employment on campus

Know about interviews through the University

Dining Services

Purchase a Dining Plan for my student

Know where my student can eat and when

Know how my student can change, upgrade, or cancel their meal plan

Disability Services

Find out about Disability Services for my student


View my student’s balance

Add money to my student’s Tiger Fund account

Learn about Financial Aid options

Know when important fee payment dates and deadlines are

Health Services and Insurance

Get Certification of Enrollment for my student

Know about health care offered on campus

Know about recreation/work-out facilities on campus

Know how my student can see a psychologist or counselor for personal issues


Learn more about the University of Memphis

Read the University student newspaper, The Daily Helmsman, online

Have a map of the campus

Important Dates

See the University holidays

Know when important class dates are (class start/end dates, add/drop dates, final exams)

Incoming Students

Know about admissions

Know more about New Student Orientation

Know about Frosh Camp

Mail Services

Know how my student can get a mailbox on campus

Know how my student changes their address


Know about parking on campus

Know how my student gets priority parking

Police Services

Learn more about campus safety

Know who to contact in an emergency crisis

Residence Life/ Housing

Find out about on-campus housing

Know when residence hall move in and move out is

Student Involvement on Campus

Know how my student could join a fraternity or sorority

Know what student organizations are on campus

Know about student events and activities