In the Now: October FAQs

As the school year rolls on different situations and questions arise.  As a result, our more frequently asked questions for each month will be posted below.  If you do not see a topic covered, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page or feel free to e-mail us at parents@memphis.edu or at 901.678.2115.


To stay up to date on all upcoming dates and deadlines, please check out our UMparent calendar

October 2: Last Day of Classes (1st POT) & Last Day of Regular Registration (2nd POT)

October 3:  #MEMBound Day, Virtual

October 6: Last Day to Change Classes (2nd POT)

October 6: Last Day for Students to Nominate the 2020 Family of the Year

October 7: 2020 Virtual Student Wellness Fair, Virtual, 11:00 am

October 9: Student Wellness Fair, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, Student Plaza

October 11: Last Day to Order Parent & Family Weekend in a Box to be Delivered by Mail

October 15: Last Day to Order Parent & Family Weekend in a Box for Pickup on Campus 

October 18: Last Day to Drop a Class (No refund and "W" grade assigned)

October 18-25: Parent & Family Weekend [From Home] and Stay@HOMEcoming Kick-Off


Spring registration opens November 9; however, not every student can register on this date. You can view the first day your student can register by going to the Registrar’s Spring 2021 Dates and Deadlines calendar. Students must also meet with their Academic Advisor before they can register for classes. Encourage to reach out and make their Advising Appointment in the next month!

Also, to assist your student with course schedule planning, a “View Only” version of the Spring 2021 class offerings is now available to students through the myMemphis portal. This is a draft version of the class listings and is still subject to change. Now is a great time to ask your student, “What do you think you will take next term?” and “Have you made an advising appointment?”


In order to keep the safety and well-being of UofM families as our priority, our 2020 Parent & Family Weekend will look a little different than in years past. We still encourage all of our families to join us to celebrate their family bonds and connect with the UofM.

Instead of a weekend of large events, our 2020 Parent & Family Weekend will offer a variety of virtual and self-guided experiences that you can participate in as a family. You will be able to “choose your own adventure” to create the Parent & Family Weekend experience that best suits your interests. 



To get you in the spirit of Parent & Family Weekend, we have collaborated with our Alumni Association and Homecoming Committee to bring you a box of Tiger goodies to help you participate in our week full of activities. Boxes can be picked up on campus or mailed to your home for an additional cost. Parent & Family Weekend Boxes are $20.20 each and include items that will help you and your family participate in the activities during the week.

Boxes will include:
FAMILY logo hat, a box of chalk, UofM sticker sheet, Pouncer cutout, UofM Rally Towel, Pom, Parent & Family Weekend Koozie, Hand Sanitizer, Parent & Family Weekend Cup, Bingo Card, and UofM Playing Cards. 
Each box only includes 1 (one) of each of the items above. If you would like multiple items, please order multiple boxes.

We have a limited number of boxes available so order yours today!



Do you need verification that your student is enrolled for medical insurance, car insurance, or anything else? Students can request enrollment verification from the National Student Clearinghouse or from the Registrar’s office.  For complete details on how to request enrollment verification, visit the Enrollment Verification website.


Do you want to know what is going on on-campus from a student point of view?  Read the student newspaper, published Tuesday through Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters, at The Daily Helmsman website.