Student Veterans Organization (SVO)

The Student Veterans Organization (SVO) is a registered student organization that is comprised of student veterans. The mission of the SVO is to create a social and informational organization to promote the academic and future success of students that have served or are serving in the Armed Forces.

The SVO also works to ensure student veteran success by providing opportunities for building lifelong relationships, serving as advocates for the needs of the student veteran, and encouraging school spirit and integration into the campus life and culture.

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Student Veteran Organization

2017-2018 SVO Executive Board

2018-2019 Meeting Schedule

First Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the Month:

  • March 5th 10:00 am (Tuesday)
  • March 6th 3:00 pm (Wednesday)
  • April 2nd 10:00 am (Tuesday)
  • April 3rd 3:00 pm (Wednesday)
  • May 7th 10:00 am (Tuesday)
  • May 8th 3:00 pm (Wednesday)