Web Design Graphics and Icons Resources

One of the most appealing features of the Web is its inherent ability to display many different types of graphics, pictures, and icons. For those who would like to incorporate graphics into their page but aren't skilled artists, we offer the following links to download various graphics and icons. Some are commercial sites, others are not. They all have useful hints and tips. One word of caution: the use of graphics can make an attractive page but the misuse of graphics can make for a visual nightmare. Please see the article entitled "Creating Web Pages" which has an extensive listing of links concerning Web page design and usability.

Online image and font archive.
If you need any type of icon - you can probably find it here.
Realm Graphics
A detailed site with different kinds of Web-ready graphics.
Task Force Image Gallery
Clip art packages at good prices.
Icon Archive
Another archive of icons and artwork to use.
Rutgers Icons
Icons and images in Unix format.
NASA Image Gallery
If you need a shot from space, this is the place to go.