Omni CMS Training Information

The University of Memphis uses the Omni CMS web content management system to manage our University web site. To request Omni CMS training for managing content within the UofM website, please submit a Service Desk ticket for Omni CMS Training.

Training modules include:

  • general web basics and maintaining content, if needed,
  • general understanding and organizational layout, configuration for maintaining your content via our content management system, Omni CMS,
  • Accessibility Training from Siteimprove Academy; certificate required,
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Below is a variety of information ranging from introductory to advanced.

Where Do I Begin

End-User Reference Guide

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • How to Check Out/In Content
  • How to Insert/Edit a Link
  • How to Insert/Edit an Image
  • How to Publish a Page
  • How to Delete Files and Directories
  • How to Check Out/In Content
  • Permission Chart

Additional Information

Common Tasks in Omni CMS

Omni CMS Online Training provides UofM website content providers an understanding of The University of Memphis website template construction, organization, and working in the Omni CMS Content Management System (CMS). Access to the Omni CMS Online Training website will be granted, so you can practice working in the system. If you have additional questions about Omni CMS, a 1-on-1 training session can be scheduled.

Complete Layout of a Site (PDF)   - Get an understanding of what's available for your department's website.

How to Edit a Web Page (PDF)  - Updating your department's website is really this simple.

Navigating the Pages View (PDF)  - A website is simply an organized structure of folders and files. The Pages View is where your folders and files reside.

Creating a New Web Page (PDF)  - How to create a new web page step-by-step.

Uploading Files to your Web Site (PDF)   - How to upload images, PDFs, etc.

Contents of the Configuration Folder   - The configurations folder is the hub of the layout of your website.

Creating Menu Sections (PDF)   - Each menu item on your main navigation has a correlating folder in the Pages View. This means it is actually a micro-site. Learn how to create and update them.