The Bureau of Sport & Leisure Commerce is a research center established with the purpose of assisting practitioners in the sport, entertainment, and event industries provide better service and products to consumers through the examination and dissemination of relevant research findings. 

Projects and work of the Bureau faculty include:
- Consumer/Fan Survey Data for the Jackson Generals Baseball Team - Funded by the Sport Marketing Association
- Student Attendance Project for the National Association of Collegiate Marketers Association (NACMA) - Sponsored by NACMA
- Community Outreach Program using Adventures with Sport Rivalry Man curriculum - Funded by North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM)

If interested in working with the Bureau of Sport & Leisure Management, please contact Cody T. Havard, Ph.D. at chavard@memphis.edu for more information. 

Bureau of Sport & Leisure Management Faculty
- Cody T. Havard, Ph.D. - Associate Professor - Director- Brennan K. Berg, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
- Rhema D. Fuller, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
- Michael Huffman, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
- Michael Hutchinson, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
- Timothy D. Ryan, Ph.D. - Professor
* Faculty member areas of expertise are available here. 


Bureau of Sport & Leisure Management Advisory Board
- Frederick G. Grieve, Ph.D. - Western Kentucky University
- Stephen L. Shapiro, Ph.D. - University of South Carolina 
- Daniel L. Wann, Ph.D. - Murray State University 

If you are interested in serving on the Advisory Board, please contact Cody T. Havard, Ph.D. at chavard@memphis.edu