Study Abroad

Each year, faculty members within the Kemmons Wilson School lead students on a study abroad expedition. Students receive course credit and greatly benefit from the overall experience.

Study Abroad Opportunities:

Study in the UK

Click here for information pertaining to the upcoming Sport Commerce trip, and please contact program leader Dr. Brennan Berg at bberg@memphis.edu.
The program will include two weeks (July 16 – 29, 2018) experiencing the sport industry in the UK and allow students to earn 6 hours credit toward their degree.
Limited space is available on a first come first serve basis.

Study in Switzerland

Click here for information pertaining to the upcoming Hospitality and Resort Management trip, and for more information please contact lohr@bhms.ch or visit www.bhms.ch. The program will include 6 month study and 6 month guaranteed paid internship in Switzerland experiencing one year abroad studying hospitality and tourism management.

Study in Spain

Study Abroad Opportunity in Spain for more information contact tigersabroad@memphis.edu or visit www.memphis.edu/abroad or click here.

For Additional Information, Application, Scholarship Information: Click here.