Advising Forms

Academic Program Maintenance Form

  • Change major, catalog year, and/or minor

Advising Worksheet

Advisor Authorizations

Course Overload

  • Permission to add over 20.5 hours during Fall/Spring semester

Late Add Instructor Form

  • Must be signed by the instructor of each course the student is adding late
  • If there are no seats remaining in the course, the student must also get departmental approval

Approval to Register After Late Registration

  • Only required for students that are adding ALL courses after late registration
  • Must be accompanied by the Late Add Instructor Form (above)

Schedule Adjustment

  • To add/drop classes after the last day to add/drop
  • For advisor use only

Transfer Credit Request Form

  • Ensures credit taken at another college or university will transfer
  • Submitted electronically by the student to the Admissions Office

Transfer Equivalency Table

  • To be used with the Transfer Credit Request form to determine eligible classes from frequently requested colleges or universities