Late Add/Late Registration

After web registration for the term or part of term has closed, you may request to add or register for Fall 2020 using the Schedule Adjustment form. The last day to web register for Fall 2020 Full and 1st parts of term was August 26, 2020. You may still web register for 2nd part of term courses after August 26; please do not submit Schedule Adjustment forms for 2nd part of term courses until the 2nd part of term registration deadline (see calendar)

Submit your Schedule Adjustment form and any necessary supporting documentation through the Registrar’s Office Help page in the TOPdesk ticketing system.

  1. Complete the Student Information section of the Schedule Adjustment form. Enter your course requests in the Added Courses section. Include a reason for your late add request in the Reason section. Your signature is not required on the form if you submit it through the TOPdesk ticketing system, as you must log in to be able to submit the ticket.

  2. Request approval from the instructor of each course you would like to add. Instructor approval is required in order for the Registrar's Office to attempt registration. We will accept an email from the instructor indicating approval provided the email is sent from the instructor's official University of Memphis email account. You can attach the approval email to the ticket along with your form. 
    Note: If you want to late add a TN eCampus course (a section that starts with R), Mary Ewart, at mewart@memphis.edu, will make the decision whether or not to approve. 

  3. Attach the form and any necessary documentation to the Registrar’s Office Help ticket in the TOPdesk ticketing system. Choose the Schedule Adjustment/Late Adds option.

  4. If the instructor approved, the Registrar’s Office will attempt to register you in the course. If a permit is needed, an automatic email will be sent to you with information about requesting a permit. Your advisor will also be notified. When the department enters the permit, you will receive an automatic email. Then the Registrar's Office will complete registration.

  5. You will receive an email from the Registrar's Office when you have been registered in the course.