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College of Arts & Sciences

Faculty Honors:

Each academic year the College of Arts and Sciences recognizes and rewards faculty members with outstanding research programs in the early stages of their career. Those selected will be designated as "College of Arts and Sciences Early Career Research Award winners." Each recipient will receive $500 to be used for research (not for salary) and a plaque as tokens of this recognition.


Early Career Research Award 2018

Bernie Daigle, Biological Sciences

Thomas Watson,Computer Sciences

Verena Erlenbusch, Philosophy

Idia Thurston, Psychology

Susan Elswick, Social Work

Staff Honors:

Each year the Dean recognizes outstanding staff in the College of Arts and Sciences. All categories of full-time, non-faculty employees are eligible. Nominations may be submitted by any faculty or staff of the College. Multiple awards may be given each year. 

Dean's Outstanding Employee Award 2018

Evell Ballard, Anthropology

Glynda Luttman, World Languages and Literatures

Jessica Kelso, College of Arts & Sciences

Victoria Tardugno, College of Arts & Sciences


Our world-class faculty and students receive numerous awards throughout the year. The countless hours spent on research, engaged scholarship, teaching, advising, presenting, and other academic endeavors help to make the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Memphis an outstanding academic institution. Visit the Accolades Website.