Marion G. Evans Award

The Marion G. Evans Award is currently given to a deserving, third-year Doctor of Audiology (AuD) student. In the past it was presented to deserving students pursuing the Master's degree in Audiology. The award has varied from $750 to the current amount of $3000. In most years the award was divided between two students or most recently among three. The award is based on clinical performance, academic performance, a stated commitment to Pediatric Audiology, and financial need.

Recipients of the Marion G. Evans Award

  • 2014: Laura Hall Patterson, Melanie Carter
  • 2013: Kati Lane
  • 2012: Paul Carter, Rachel Elkins
  • 2010: Hillary Hayes, Elaine Orcutt
  • 2009: Anna Kharlamova, Cara Donahue
  • 2008: Heidi Bramble, Skye Jones
  • 2007: Anne Davis, Matt Hollis, Janet Rice
  • 2006: Shani Goldgrub
  • 2005: Amy Birath
  • 2002: Johnnie Bass, Amanda Cerka
  • 2001: Emily Coker, Laurie Horwitz
  • 2000: Cindy Brown, Vanessa Kendrick
  • 1998: Amy Koralewski, Kendra Nichols
  • 1997: Traci Barnes, Mary Krapfl
  • 1995: Melanie McDonald, Linda Say
  • 1994: Kristy Culler, Pat Flanary
  • 1993: Jeanette Mayo
  • 1992: Rena Hodges, Lana Swope