Louise Ward Fellowship

Louise Ward was an Associate Professor of Audiology and Speech Pathology and Coordinator of Clinical Training in Speech-Language Pathology at Memphis State University for 17 years. Her teaching included coursework in client centered therapy and communicative interaction. In the clinical setting she was particularly noted for her pioneering work with group therapy for clients and their parents. Her numerous publications focused on the clinical process, supervision and parent involvement.

Louise was a wise and trusted counselor, teacher, and mentor and is remembered, by her former students, as a person who recognized and valued their unique strengths as individuals and taught them how to utilize these strengths in the clinical process. In her spirited manner, she counseled and encouraged her colleagues and students to see the possibilities and the potential in themselves. Louise gave them the gift of her wisdom and her trust.

The recipient of the Fellowship is a student who demonstrates and possesses similar character qualities as Louise by being one who:

  • is a skilled clinician, client-centered and who conveys an unusual sensitivity to the client and his/her family;
  • exhibits unconditional positive regard for others and sees the uniqueness and humanness in all individuals;
  • is ever investigating his/her self as a person;
  • demonstrates the courage and flexibility to learn from his/her mistakes; and
  • is compassionate and constructive in his/her dealings with fellow students, clients' and families'.

Recipients of the Louise Ward Fellowship

  • 2024: Victoria Burr
  • 2023: Cecile Caron
  • 2022: Elizabeth Pritchard
  • 2021: Emily Pierce, Mary Oliver Coppedge
  • 2020: Shelby Adams, Haleigh Bradley
  • 2019: Katie Glass, Loren Simms
  • 2018: Denise Schmidt
  • 2017: Marci Savov
  • 2014: Stephanie Voss
  • 2012: Rachel Elkins
  • 2011: Eric Hazlett
  • 2010: Michael Prater
  • 2009: Skye Jones
  • 2008: Maureen "Mo" Fernicola
  • 2007: Janet Rice
  • 2006: Ayana Detweiler
  • 2005: Melinda Trotter
  • 2004: Sharon Grove
  • 2003: Rachel Duffy
  • 2002: Katie Mullen
  • 2001: Mandi Spidle
  • 2000: Danielle Bonnett