Our goal is to prepare students for academic and professional settings by providing instruction that helps them develop

  • fluency and accuracy in English by engaging in content matter and developing metalinguistic awareness
  • skills necessary for success in academic contexts, including writing from sources, study skills, and appropriate habits of mind

At lower levels, we focus on connecting grammar and writing, writing sentences and paragraphs, developing foundational vocabulary, and listening and speaking in informal conversational contexts. In general, topics across classes are more personal in nature, but students are introduced to academic texts and skills such as summarizing.

At upper levels, we focus on the relationship between reading and writing, using readings as springboards and as source material and developing strategies for reading adapted and authentic texts for different purposes. Students write different types of essays and practice paraphrasing and summarizing. They also develop research skills and note-taking and formal presentation skills. In general, class content is more academic in nature.

Curriculum Overview

Student Evaluation

Students receive a letter grade for each class at the end of each session. They must receive a grade of C- or higher to progress to the next level. All grades reflect achievement, attendance, and cooperation. A certificate of achievement is awarded to participants who successfully complete each IEI level.

IEI follows The University of Memphis guidelines with respect to student conduct and discipline. Class attendance is required. Students who have poor attendance records, who do not prepare designated assignments or who break University rules and regulations are subject to dismissal from the IEI program.

Grading Scale