Below are the chief academic and semester calendars published by the Registrar's Office with input from other key University offices. Links to the Graduate School's graduation deadlines are also published here for your convenience.

Academic Year Calendars

These record only the major activity dates (class start/end dates, exam periods, breaks, etc.) for each term and its parts. Each academic year begins with the Fall term and ends at the conclusion of the Summer term.

On all academic calendars, the abbreviation, POT, stands for Part(s) of Term.

     2018-19           2017-18           2016-17           2015-16           2014-15          2013-14     


Semester Dates & Deadlines Calendars

These semester calendars list key dates pertaining to registration, add/drops, grades, holidays and breaks, etc., for the term.

Fall      2018           2017           2016           2015     
     Summer      2018           2017           2016           2015     
Spring     2018           2017           2016           2015     


Semester Final Exam Schedules

These semester calendars allow students and faculty to determine exactly when course final exams will be given.

Fall      2018           2017           2016           2015     
     Summer      2018           2017           2016           2015     
Spring      2018           2017           2016           2015     


Undergraduate Graduation Filing Deadlines

These are the deadlines for filing for graduation for a particular term.

Summer 2017      April 5, 2017
Fall 2017      July 12, 2017
Spring 2018      November 8, 2017
Summer 2018      April 4, 2018
Fall 2018      July 11, 2018
Spring 2019      November 14, 2018


Graduate Graduation Filing Deadlines

Graduate students should visit the Graduate School's Graduation Deadlines for Degree Candidates page for these deadlines as well as deadlines for submitting theses and dissertations.


Registrar Office Calendars

In addition to our own office, the Registrar Office calendars are of interest to University staff concerned with schedule production and grades processing.