We're Glad You're Here

We are pleased you have chosen the UofM to further your educational goal. Our office is ready to assist you in your continued enrollment as you strive toward that goal. If you need information on registration, grades, transcripts, your student records, class listings, or other enrollment topics, make us your point of contact. We strive to offer accurate information and prompt, courteous, and reliable assistance.

Please Check Your Email

We do email important enrollment and registration information to students, so please check your official email regularly.

You are required to activate your UofM email account in order to be a student at the University. The University considers this account to be your official email address and will use it to disseminate information. You must either check your University email account regularly or forward your University email to a personal email account that you will check regularly. After you have established your UofM email account, you can use iAM, the University's identity management service, to forward UofM email to a personal email account.

Your UofM email address will be listed in the campus directory unless you submit a Request for Restricting the Release of Directory Information form to the Registrar's Office.