Summer 2024 Final Exams

The semester's final exam schedule follows. Please be aware of these final exams rules and guidelines:

  1. Attendance is compulsory.
  2. Final exams will be given during the regular class time on the dates listed for ALL weekday and evening courses regardless of the days of the week the class normally meets. However, if a class does not normally meet on Friday, the instructor may hold the exam on the last regular class date, provided that: (1) the instructor communicates this in the course syllabus and (2) the class meets for the minimum number of required contact hours as stated on the Contact Minutes page.
  3. No exam period, as scheduled below, may be changed without the written permission of the department chair and the college dean.
  4. Common final exams are given for certain courses and are noted in the Class Schedule Search.

Exam Dates

Part of Term Day/Date
Pre Summer  F / May 24
Full F / August 2
1st Half F / June 28 or last class meeting
2nd Half F / August 2 or last class meeting
TN eCampus Based on course syllabus