Undergraduate Advising

SWRK Minors and Non-Majors asking for SWRK elective course permits please do the following:

Send an email to swrkpermits@memphis.eduBe sure to include the following information:

  • Name
  • U#
  • Major
  • Telephone Number
  • CRN for the course(es) you're requesting


As of fall, 2013, any student who has not completed both SWRK 2010 and SWRK 2911 (with a grade of at least a C-) is considered a Pre-Social Work (PSWK) major. Professor Brandon Ousley advises all PSWK majors.

  • Professor Brandon Ousely also advises all students who are thinking of changing their major to Social Work or who are interested in transferring to the University of Memphis from another institution of higher learning.
  • Only students who have completed both SWRK 2010 and SWRK 2911 are recognized as Social Work (SWRK) majors.
  • Permits are required to enroll in all SWRK classes.

Use the table below to determine the name of your advisor:

Faculty Member
             SWRK Advisees
                   Additional students to be advised:
How to Schedule an Appointment
Prof. Kenya Anderson SWRK students who have begun their Field Placement                                                 -- Use SSC Campus
Prof. Brandon Ousley SWRK students who have not yet started Field
All Pre-Social Work (PSWK) majors and all students interested in transferring into the major. Use SSC Campus
Prof. Veronica Morrow   ALL Lambuth students: Both SWRK and PSWK Use SSC Campus


All advisors on the main campus of the School of Social Work prefer that you schedule your advising appointments via the online SSC Campus System

Access SSC Campus by clicking HERE

Non-Social Work majors and Social Work minors requesting a permit for a Social Work course are requested to email swrkpermits@memphis.edu.  Permit requests for students outside the major are processed via this email address.  

Questions? Call the School of Social Work at 901-678-2616.

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