School of Social Work Programs

The School of Social Work provides academic program options at all levels of collegiate education. Please feel free to explore our programs in the links below

Undergraduate Program

The University of Memphis School of Social Work offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work.

Upon admission into the university, students can declare Academic Focus - Social Sciences, and can progress to the social work major (SWRK) after completing  an application and specific admissions requirements

A Minor degree program for students that are interested in social work and how they can apply it in their primary studies

Graduate Programs

The University of Memphis offers its nationally ranked Master of Social Work (MSW), as well as the new Doctor of Social Work (DSW), with various program tracks, specializations, and other options that allow our students to tailor their education to their interests and needs.

Master of Social Work
A 60 credit-hour program with one concentration in Advanced Practice Across Systems
Master of Social Work - Advanced Standing
An accelerated, 37 credit-hour program for students with Social Work Bachelor degrees, you can complete your Master's program in as soon as 12 months
Dual Degree programs
Program options that allow students the opportunity to earn other related Master's degrees simultaneously with their MSW
Doctor of Social Work
A new 3 year online DSW program for anyone who has an MSW degree and a minimum of two-year-post-MSW work experiences

Certificate and Licensure Programs

The School of Social Work currently offers three graduate certificates.  Students are also encouraged to consider graduate 
certificates in other academic units that match their interests.  For example, many MSW students have completed the 
Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management through the Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration.
School Social Work Certificate
The Graduate Certificate in School Social Work is available for current MSW students or MSW graduates, and offers the opportunity
 to obtain licensure as a School Social Worker.
 The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Social Work offers advanced training in clinical skills to current MSW or DSW students or to
 graduates of CSWE accredited MSW programs
The Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Substance Abuse is available to students currently pursuing or holding a graduate
degree from the School of Social Work; Department of Psychology; or Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology,
and Research.