Annual Evaluation

This page outlines the steps for faculty evaluation, provides user manuals for faculty and all levels of administration, and indicates the current deadline for all evaluations.

Faculty Evaluation of Chairs & Directors

  • Evaluations of chairs and directors by faculty members open the second week of January and close at the end of the second week in February. 

  • Evaluations can be completed via this online system.


Faculty Annual Report & Evaluation

  • Prepare your annual report using these guidelines.

  • Update your curriculum vitae.

  • Download and review your SETE evaluations and associated comments from the prior year.  Attach SETE evaluations and associated comments to your annual report.

  • DEADLINE: Submit your annual report using the online faculty evaluation form by the end of the first full week of February
    • If the link does not work, the form can be accessed via MyMemphis by clicking on the Employee tab then clicking on Faculty Evaluations in the WorkforUM channel.
  • Faculty Supervisors will prepare faculty evaluations using these best practices and schedule one-on-one evaluation and planning meetings by the end of March.

  • During this time, Faculty Members have the opportunity to review and provide comments on annual evaluation. 

    • Once that is complete the Faculty Member must select “Acknowledge” after entering any comments in order for your annual evaluation to proceed to the review stage.
    • This "Acknowledgement" must be completed by the end of the first full week in April.
  • Approver's review and approve faulty evaluations.
  • Notifications sent by approver's to faculty needing to develop performance improvement plans or to participate in post-tenure review as detailed in the Faculty Handbook.

Timeline Recap:

  • Faculty annual reports start being prepared in January and must be completed by the end of the first full week in February.  

  • Faculty evaluations should be completed by faculty supervisors by the end of March and acknowledged by faculty by the end of the first full week in April.  

  • Faculty evaluations should be approved by the end of April.

Annual Evaluation Roles:

Faculty Appointment Type/Unit Evaluator Approver
Postdoc Research Mentor Research Mentor's Chair, Director or Dean
Full Time in Department Chair Dean
Full Time in Research Center Director Dean
Full Time in College Dean Provost
Chair/Director of Department or Research Center Dean Provost

User Manuals


To register for training, access the Learning Curve portal via myMemphis, under the "Employee" tab. 

Archived Faculty Annual Evaluations (2011-2016)

Faculty may access their annual reviews from 2011-2016 on the archived web site.