Juniors: Start Exploring College Options

Junior year is a critical time in your college prep. Maybe you didn't do as well as you wanted academically the past few years. There's still time to adjust your study and work habits and work toward that GPA you're shooting for. Not sure what your goal GPA should be? Review University of Memphis admissions requirements >

The skills you're learning in class will be key for the ACT/SAT. Speaking of college admissions exams...

Begin Preparing for the ACT/SAT

The ACT and/or the SAT are the two primary college entrance examinations taken by American high school students. Your ability to perform well on these exams is critical for university admissions. The average entrance exam score of incoming University of Memphis freshmen is 22 on the ACT and 1040 on the SAT. However, you should keep in mind that the higher your score (in combination with your GPA), the greater your chances of being scholarship eligible.

You are encouraged to begin preparation early for the ACT or SAT and take practice tests whenever possible. Preparation resources and practice tests are available online for the ACT and the SAT. Your high school guidance counselor will be able to provide you additional information in regards to preparing for the exam/s. And speaking of guidance counselors...

Meet with Your Guidance Counselor

Not only can your guidance counselor help you with various resources and support during your high school career, they will have resources available to assist you with preparing for college and even choosing the right college for  you.

Focus on Academics, Especially Writing and Math

Writing: Nearly every course you'll take in college will involve extensive composition and writing. The ability to write well is not exclusive to English courses in college. Here's some tips to enhance your composition and writing skills to better prepare yourself for college:

  • Research and become familiar with different methods of writing
  • Gather input from your parents and teachers on your writing clarity
  • Study writing styles from various subject perspectives
  • Compare the differences in a literature term paper and a business proposal written for a management class
  • Practice your writing skills by drafting brief summaries of newspaper or magazine articles
    • Read the written summaries several weeks later and critique them for clarity and sensibility
    • Have others read and explain their understanding of the summaries with you

Math: Being able to think and reason analytically is also extremely important to college success.  The ability to perform mathematical calculations will be required in many courses ranging from Algebra, Accounting, FInance and Statistics - to name only a few.

Students often talk about how math is one of their weaknesses, but you can do something about it.  Like anything else, putting more effort into math may make the difference between fearing it and loving it.  You cannot hide from math in college, so it is important to develop that skill set as soon as you can. And don't worry, the UofM offers free tutoring if you need a little extra help throughout college.

Start Exploring College Campuses

Arguably one of the most fun parts of the college search process is visiting the campuses and imagining what your life there would look like. Start scheduling college visits now. Many schools, including the University of Memphis, offer a virtual tour so you can check out the amenities from the comfort of your home, so don't limit your campus visits based on what's closest.

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Things to Remember

  • Stay on track and strive to do the best you can in all your high school endeavors.
  • Participate in activities and volunteer work that will enhance your skills and enable you to establish a solid background of excellence.
  • Build a network of peers who share your same aspirations.
  • Get to know a mentor who can guide and encourage you in your career path.
  • Frequently research career opportunities in your field to better understand expectations and requirements.
  • Choose your college based on which one offers a program that will help you reach your career goals. Explore University of Memphis academic programs >
  • Start taking action and applying to colleges at the beginning of your senior year.


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