Get Started Sophomore Year

It's never too early to start preparing for college and your future career. The decisions you make now can affect your future. Are you involved in student organizations and volunteering with local organizations? That's great! Those experiences will strengthen your college application. But if you choose to goof off during math class, that can affect your GPA and college admittance exams. Here are some other helpful tips that you can start doing today:

Focus on Academics

Successful completion of high school represents a solid foundation for success in college. Learning good study habits now and paying attention in class is the first step to success.

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Meet with Your Guidance Counselor

Throughout high school, issues arise that may require help from others. One of the most influential people available to you, and one you should periodically meet with, is your high school counselor. Your school counselor will have resources available to assist you with issues including college preparation while in high school. In addition, they can be beneficial in your choosing the right college or university.

Develop Career Plan & Set Goals

What do you want to be when you grow up? Start exploring your options now. Identify your strengths and determine what career path fits those strengths. Narrow your career choices and establish goals necessary to discover a career path. Set goals (both long- term and short-term goals) and begin to work toward that chosen career. 

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Next Steps:

  • Stay on track and strive to do the best you can in all your high school endeavors.
  • Participate in activities and volunteer work that will enhance your skills and enable you to establish a solid background of excellence.
  • Build a network of peers who share your same aspirations.
  • Get to know a mentor who can guide and encourage you in your career path.
  • Frequently research career opportunities in your field to better understand expectations and requirements.
  • Really dive into your college search your junior year, and start prepping for the ACT/SAT.


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