What Parents Can Do

As the parent of a University of Memphis student, you are a crucial component to their success. Keep the lines of communication open and check-in with your students regularly.

You can also encourage your students to:

Go to class and study. We know – it sounds really obvious. But there is a lot of misinformation shared between students about what college is really like. One of the biggest myths we hear is that you do not have to attend class as a college student. The more people to dispel those myths, the better! Attendance is mandatory in many classes and even when it is not, hearing the lecture and discussing the day's topic is an invaluable a part of the learning experience.

Reduce their work hours. This is especially relevant for new students who are still adapting to a new environment. We understand that sometimes they must work but encourage them to work the minimum hours possible. Being a full-time college student requires lots of time in and out of the classroom and a job will often interfere with their academic success.

Be a balanced student. Going to class and doing well is the first priority but getting involved on campus provides leadership development opportunities, connections to the campus community, and helps to build a resume.

See their advisor early. This is both in reference to advising for the upcoming semester (typically, advising begins in October for Spring classes and in March for Summer/Fall classes) but also for any concerns or issues they may have throughout the semester. Whether your student is considering changing their major, wants to discuss graduate school options, is having difficulty in a course, or any other concern – the earlier they contact their advisor, the better.

Take advantage of it all. Including campus resources like tutoring, career counseling, featured speakers, and many other services.