Parents of New College Students

As the parent of a new college student, you have a roll in their success, too. Support them with encouraging words that will help them thrive academically and meet timely graduation goals. 

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Freshmen meet with their academic advisor for the first time at New Student Orientation. The first advising appointment is a chance to meet the advisor and get acquainted. In addition, freshmen will plan for the first semester of classes during this meeting. To get prepared for academic advising at New Student Orientation, the new freshman should complete and submit Preparation for Academic Advising. Students who are admitted as freshmen for the spring or summer semester will meet one on one with an academic advisor.

Future meetings with the academic advisor will help the freshman student clarify academic, career, and personal goals. The relationship with the academic advisor is enhanced by the active participation of the student. Read more about student and advisor responsibilities in academic advising.