Frequently Asked Questions

Who founded The Hooks Institute?

The Hooks Institute was founded by Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks and the Department of Political Science and the College of Arts and Sciences at the UofM.

When did The Hooks Institute begin?

With the approval of the Tennessee Board of Regents and funding from the United States Congress and the State of Tennessee, the Hooks Institute was created in 1996.

How is the Hooks Institute funded?

The Hooks Institute is funded by people just like you who support our mission of teaching, studying, and promoting civil rights and social change. Our programs are funded almost 100% by grants and private donations.

What is our mission?

The Hooks Institute's mission is teaching, studying, and promoting civil rights and social change.

What is the goal of The Institute?

The Hooks Institute seeks to play a pivotal role in framing and solving community problems through the wisdom and vision of pioneers such as Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks.

How can you help us?

We need volunteers for various events during the year. Your donation, however large or small, allow us to bring creative and relevant programming to the communities we serve. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Hooks Institute at bhi@memphis.edu. To make a donation, click here to donate.