Community Engagement

CCRE 2023 Annual ReportCenter for Community Research and Evaluation

The CCRE was established in 2020 with a mission to provide interdisciplinary social science research and evaluation support for community-based projects. The CCRE strives to be the leading source of expertise on community transformation in the Mid-South.
The Annual Report includes the impact the center has made in the community along with services available. Educational resouces are  early childhood learning, academic interventions and other wraparound services. The center also supports community partners with a Data Science Laboratory and Public Health.
We are grateful to the community for their partnership and continued trust in CCRE and look forward to a wonderful (and busy) 2024! Full details of our 2023 successes can be found in our Annual Report.

Memphis Voyage Solar System at the University of MemphisExplore the solar system right here on campus 🔭

Check out the Memphis Voyage Solar System, one of only a few 10 billion to 1 scale models nationwide and the first in the Mid-South region and stretches from the UofM Art Museum to Walker Ave!
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Lead Institution: Department of Physics and Materials Science at the University of Memphis

The Voyage Solar System Model will be located on our main campus along a North-South primary walkway and will allow UM students of all majors the rare opportunity to experience Earth’s place within our Solar System from new perspectives that inspire wonder and awe. It will help students comprehend how small and fragile Earth is within the tremendous breadth of our Solar System, and also how unique Earth is in its ability to provide the resources needed to sustain life as we know it. This awareness can help students see themselves as active participants in the Universe, making choices that matter for the future of life on Earth. Such a perspective can motivate students to seek more collaborative and sustainable solutions to environmental and social challenges.

The Voyage Solar System Model will be a focal point for STEM education and careers for our college students as well as for the K-12 community. School groups from around the Mid-South can visit our campus when they study the Solar System and gain the amazing perspective that the Voyage experience provides. Follow-up tours, activities and discussions with UM faculty can focus student energy on addressing the challenges that we have here on Earth, and also provide a foundation for the continued exploration of our solar system.