Arts & Sciences Administrative Contacts

The College of Arts & Sciences Dean's offices are located in Scates Hall.

College of Arts & Sciences | 107 Scates Hall | Memphis, TN 38152 | Phone: 901.678.5454 | Fax: 901.678.4831

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Dean's Office

Leila Boyd, Administrative Secretary | Email:

Cody Clinton, Pre-Health Advisor |Email:

Ashley Connolly, College Advisor | Email:

Carolyn Dickens, Director of Development | Email:

Cassandra Dinwiddie, Business Officer | Email:

Susan Fitzgerald, Director of Administration | Email:

Thomas Hopper, Administrative Secretary | Email:

Latica Jones, Business Officer III | Email:

Mary Jones, Lead Graduation Analyst | Email:

Roger Kreuz, Associate Dean | Email:

Robert Marczynski, Assistant Director of Interdisciplinary Programs | Email:

Abby Parrill-Baker, Dean | Email:

Victoria Reynolds Tardugno, Administrative Associate I |

Deborah Perron Tollefsen, Associate Dean | Email:

Debra Turner, Web Specialist II | Email: