Arts & Sciences Administrative Contacts

The College of Arts & Sciences Dean's offices are located in Scates Hall.

College of Arts & Sciences | 107 Scates Hall | Memphis, TN 38152 | Phone: 901.678.5454 | Fax: 901.678.4831

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Dean's Office

Abby Parrill-Baker, Dean | Email: aparrill@memphis.edu


Jessica Abernathy, Director of Administration | Email: jmabrnth@memphis.edu


Madison Austin, Pre-Award Coordinator | Email: mraustin@memphis.edu


Emilie Bowman, Pre-Award Coordinator | Email: fbowman1@memphis.edu


Keri Brondo, Interim Associate Dean | Email: kbrondo@memphis.edu

Cody Clinton, Director of Pre-Professional Advising | Email: cwsacks@memphis.edu


Meghan Cullen, Pre-Health Advisor | Email: mcullen@memphis.edu


Carolyn Dickens, Director of Development | Email: cdickens@memphis.edu


John W. Faulconbridge, II, Academic Services Coord I | Email: jflcnbrd@memphis.edu


Byron J. Hollowell, Academic Services Coord I | Email: byron.hollowell@memphis.edu


Rika Hood, Director of Student Services | Email: rlhudsn1@memphis.edu


Latica Jones, Business Officer III | Email: lmjons10@memphis.edu


Roger Kreuz, Associate Dean | Email: rkreuz@memphis.edu


Kendra Lambert, Business Officer III | Email: ktillis@memphis.edu


Ladrica Menson-Furr, Assistant Dean | Email: lmnsnfrr@memphis.edu


Debra Porter, Web Specialist II | Email: dmturner@memphis.edu


Ron Serino, Director, Interdisciplinary Studies | Email: rserino@memphis.edu


Knox Shelton, Director, College Development I | Email: knox.shelton@memphis.edu


Mikhelle Taylor, Pre-Award Coordinator | Email: mtylor80@memphis.edu


Stormey Warren, Administrative Associate II | Email: shutsell@memphis.edu


Iesha Nicole Williams, Administrative Associate I | Email: nwllams4@memphis.edu


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