New Madrid Compendium

Here you will find listings of over 600 references that are related to the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812.  These references have been compiled by Arch Johnston with later additons by Nathan Moran and are now curated by him. These references include newspaper articles, scientific articles, folklore, maps, and eyewitness accounts.  Please note if you quote Compendium material please credit the Compendium as a source of your information.  An example of an eywitness account follows:

Eyewitness Account

This account of the New Madrid Earthquake was recorded by George Heinrich Crist, residing at the time in the north-central Kentucky county of Nelson, near the present location of Louisville.

The Science of New Madrid

For scientific information on these events, the article described in "The Enigma of the New Madrid Earthquakes" by Arch Johnston and Buddy Schweig, is available for download in PDF format. This article was published in the Annual Review of Earth Planet Science in 1996.