New Madrid Compendium Maps

Alphabetic Master Reference List

Amoureux, Michael (Maps, 1806). "Book of Records of Surveys...District of New Madrid"
Beck, Lewis Caleb (Map, 1823a). "Map of the States of Illinois and Missouri"
Bissell, J. W. [Col. USA] (Map, 1862). "Bissell's Map of Madrid Bend...Canal Cut"
Bock, Riley (Map, n. d.). Map of the town of New Madrid, 1791-present
Bouchon, — (Map, 1825). "Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique du Territoire D'Arkansas", J. Carez, printer (in French)
Bradley, Abraham (Map, 1796). "Map of the United States, Exhibiting the Post Roads..."
British Museum (Map, ca 1828). "Sketch of the 11th District of the State of Tennessee"
Cary, John (Map, 1811). "A New Map of Part of the United States of North America..."
Cary, John (Map, 1821). "A New Map of the U.S. of A. from the Latest Authorities"
Clark, Merriweather Lewis (Map, 1849). "Diagram of the State of Missouri"
Collot, Victor (Map, 1796). "Map of the Course of the Mississippi...."
Colton, George W. (Map, 1874). "Colton's Map of the State of Tennessee"
Colton, J. H. (Map, 1852). "Map of Missouri" — from E. E. Shrum (1989), p. 81
Colton, J. H. (Map, 1855a). "Missouri"
Colton, J. H. (Map, 1855b). "Colton's Kentucky and Tennessee"
Cumings, Samuel (Map, 1822). "The Western Navigator..." 1st edition of "..Pilot"
Cumings, Samuel (Maps, 1825; 1841; 1847). "The Western Pilot..."
D'Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon (Map, 1746). "Amérique Septentrionale"
D'Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon (Map, 1752). "Carte de la Louisiane"
Debrett, J. (Map, 1795). "A Map of the Western Part of the Territories belonging to USA"
Delisle, Guillaume (Map, 1703). "Carte de Mexique et de la Floride"
Delisle, Guillaume (Map, 1718). "Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississippi"
Elliot, D. O. (Maps, 1932). "Improvement of Lower Miss River..." –3 vols., plus ~5 maps
Finiels, Nicolas de (Map, 1797 & 1798). "Carte d'une partie du cours du Mississippi..."
Fuller, Myron L. (Map, 1912). "Map of Earthq. Features of the NM District", Bull. 494
Grey, A. B. [Capt. CSA] (Map, 1862). "Map of Military & Navel Operations....Isl. No. 10"
Guernsey & Alden (Map,1862). "Course of the Mississippi from Cairo to the Gulf"
Henderson, William T. (Map, 1820). "A Map of...Kentucky Lying West of the Tenn. R."
Hoelcke, William (Capt.) (Map, ~1862). "...Rebel Fortifications...Island No. 10..N. Mad. "
Homann, Johanne-Baptist (Map, c 1730). "Amplissimae Regionis Mississippi...."
Humphreys & Abbot (Map, 1861). "Map of the Alluvial Region of the Mississippi River"
Hutawa, Edward (Map. 1844). "Sectional Map of the State of Missouri"
Hutchins, Thomas (Map, 1778). "A New Map of the Western Parts of Virginia, Penn-sylvania, Maryland & North Carolina..." [accomp. Topographic Description}
Jadwin, Edgar (Maj. Gen.) (Map, 1927). "The Alluvial Valley of the Mississippi River..."
Joutel, Henri (Map, 1713). "Carte Nouvelle de la Louisiane et de le Riviere Mississippi..."
Kochtitzky, Otto (Map, 1903). "Map of the Lowlands of Southeast Missouri"
Lee, Edward F. (Map, 1851). "New Map of Kentucky...." [3 of 10 sheets total]
Le Page du Pratz (Map, 1757). "A Map of Louisiana....Course of the Mississippi..."
Lesieur, Godfrey (Map, 1836). "Lesieur's Map" from Linn (1836) in Wetmore (1837)
LeVasseur, Charles (Map, 1904). "Map New Madrid, Mo. Showing Effective Revetment"
Long, Stephen H. (Maj.) (Map, 1822). "Country Drained by the Mississippi..."
Lucas, E. Ward(?) (Map, 1903). "Map of 1st & 2nd Eng'r. Districts of the Mississippi R..."
Lucas, F., Jr. (Map, 1824). Map of Tennessee, Baltimore —no other info—
Mandeville, Marigny de (Map, 1763). "Carte Composée des Differents Ouvrages...."
Map #396 (Map, 1824). "Map of the 13th District, State of Tennessee" TN St. Archives
Map #1022 (1836). "Map of Dyer County [TN]", Tennessee State Archives
Map #1182 (Map, 1836). Map of Obion County, Tennessee. TN State Archives
Map–Missouri Bootheel (Map, ca 1840). "SE Part of Cape Giradeau [sic] Land Dist..."
Marquette, Father (Map, ca 1673). "Facsimile ...Map of Mississippi or Conception R."
Marr, G. W. L. (Map, 1821). "Survey of Island #10 for G. W. L. Marr"
Mayo, George U. (Map, 1886). "State of Arkansas" — Dept. of Int., General Land Off.
Melish, John (Map, 1813). "A Map of the Southern Section of the United States"
Melish, John (Map, 1816-1826). "Map of the United States w/Contiguous British & ..."
Melish, John (Map, ca 1822). "United States"
Mississippi River Commission (Map, 1879-80, 1913). KY bend w/courses to 1913
Mississippi River Commission (Maps, 1882–1916). "Mississippi River" map series
Mississippi River Commission (Maps, 1885; 1916). Index Charts for Miss. Riv. series
Mississippi River Commission (Map, 1890; 1902). KY bend with "caved areas"
Mississippi River Commission (Map, 1903). "Map of the Saint Francis Basin..."
Mississippi River Commission (Maps, 1938). "Lower Mississippi River Early Stream Channels at Approximate Half-Century Intervals"
Mitchell, John (Map, 1755). "A Map of the British Colonies in North America...."
Mitchell, S. Augustus (Map, 1867). "County Map of Kentucky and Tennessee"
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway (Map, 1906). "Geographically Correct Map of the Territory Traversed by the...Railway"
Pike, Zebulon (Map, ~1807). "...Captn. Pike's Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana"
Pike, Zebulon M.(Map, 1807). "A Map of the Internal Provinces of New Spain"
Pittman, Capt. Philip (Map, 1770). "A Draught of the River Missisippi..."
Plat of New Madrid ["Nouvelle Madrid"] (Map, 1794, April). Missouri Historical Soc.
Plat of New Madrid [and its environs] (Map, 1797, January). MO Historical Soc.
Plat of New Madrid (Map, 1810). "Plat of the Town of New Madrid, Louisiana, 1810"
Plat of New Madrid (Map, 1845 & 1857). "Survey of Old Town of New Madrid..."
Plat of the Village of Little Prairie... (Map, 1806). –from Amoureux (1806)
Reed, Silas (Map, 1843). "Township 23 North of the base line, Range 16 East of the 5th principal Meridian"
Rhea, Matthew (Map, 1832). "Map of the State of Tennessee Taken from Survey"
Roester, C. (Map, 1878). "State of Missouri" — Dept. of Interior, General Land Off.
Ross, John [Lieut.] (Map, 1765). "Course of the River Mississippi...." [publ. 1775]
Rozier, Fermin A. (Map, 1845). Rozier's map of the "Submerged Lands of Missouri"
Russel, J. (Map, 1794). "Map of the State of Kentucky with the Adjoining Territories"
Safford, J. M. (Map, 1869). "State Geologic Map" in Geology of Tennessee
Schultz, Christian (Map, 1810a). "A Map of the Mississippi River.." in Travels...1807-08.
Schultz, Christian (Map, 1810b). "A Map of the United States including Louisiana"
Shrum, Edison E. (Map, 1989). "1828 Map of Southeast Missouri", p. 139.
Smith, Genl. D. (Map, 1795). A Map of the Tennessee Government...."
Smith (?) (Map, 1857). "1857 Copy of County Survey Dated 1847" Isl. No. 10-D. pt.
Smith (?) (Map, 1862). "Route of the Carondelet" Island No. 10-Donaldson Point
Southeast Missouri Reg. Plan. & Economic Develop. Comm. (Map, 1975). History and Travel Guide to Southeast Missouri Region"
Suter, Charles R. (Map, 1874). "Map of a Reconnaissance of the Mississippi River"
U. S. Army (Map, 1861-1865). "General Topographic Map Sheet XVIII" -part of an Atlas
Williams, Wellington (Map, 1849). "Map of the Miss. R. from St. Louis to the Gulf of M."
Winslow, Arthur (Map, 1892). "Geological Map of the State of Missouri"
Woodbridge, William C. (Map, 1821). "United States"
Young, Poussin & Tuttle (Map, 1821). "Reconnaissance of the Mississippi & Ohio Rivers"