San Juan, Argentina 1987-1988

panda array heading with small adorable panda bearDuring September 22, 1987 and December 30, 1988, Professor Jer-Ming Chiu conducted an experiment in San Juan, Argentina using eighty short-period high- and low-gain Portable Array for Numerical Data Acquisition system (PANDA) to study:

  • lateral velocity variations and crustal thickness variation (Andean foreland)
  • attenuation of high-frequency seismic waves (central Andean plateau)
  • seismotectonics (Sierra Pie de Palo)
  • seismicity and tectonics (Jujuy province)

 A network code, "XA", was assigned by the Federation of Digital Seismographic Network (FDSN).

This project was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the nsf logoCenter for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI), University of Memphis. Publications related to this research project are listed below.

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