Applying to the Chemistry Department

There are many different ways to join in and contribute the fast-paced research and innovation underway in the Chemistry Department at the University of Memphis.

Prospective Undergraduates

Students looking to complete an undergraduate degree as a B.S. or B.S.Ch. in Chemistry at the University of Memphis may select and complete the appropriate application from the listed forms on this page; more information (including course listings and degree requirements

Prospective Graduate Students

For frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page.

General Information

Thank you in advance for your interest in the department -- we are very proud of our current graduate students, faculty, and staff and look forward to learning how you can contribute to the exciting discourse, research, and facilities underway in the Chemistry Department. Before you join us however, you must submit an application. Familiarize yourself with the application process by exploring the links below.

How to Apply to Graduate School >

Admission Requirements for International Students >

Application Forms, Prerequisites, and Policies >

Please note that teaching and research assistantships, including a competitive stipend and all tuition and fees, are available only for full-time students (we even pay your parking!). Competition for assistantships is vigorous, and there is no guarantee that all admitted students will receive financial assistance. Once an assistantship has been awarded, it will continue until graduation, so long as you are making satisfactory progress towards your degree.

All prospective graduate students  must complete and submit a copy of the general application to the Graduate School at the University of Memphis application in addition to the form below to be considered for admission to Ph.D. and/or M.S. (Chemistry) courses of study.Please note that students will not be allowed to enroll as a graduate student in the Chemistry Department unless they meet the following prerequisites:

  • Satisfactory record of undergraduate coursework in chemistry

  • TOEFL for most international applicants

  • Admission to Graduate School at the University of Memphis

* GRE examination is not required

Do not send application materials to the Graduate Coordinator. These materials must be sent to the Graduate School. Your application can not be processed or considered by the department until your application to the graduate school is complete. Also, note that assistantships can not be approved until you are fully admitted to the Graduate School.

International students must also supply the following:

  • TOEFL Score: minimum score of 550 on the paper exam or 210 on the computer-based exam. Normally much higher scores are required to obtain departmental support.
  • Evaluation of Credentials: A course-by course evaluation report is required.
  • Health Certificate: Within 30 days from the first day of classes, each international student must submit a certificate from a licensed U.S. physician or other qualified U.S. medical authority verifying freedom from tuberculosis.
  • Health Insurance: All international students must purchase health insurance before they are allowed to enroll.

Please see the graduate school's website for further information.

Graduate Admissions form for the Department of Chemistry

  1. After you start your application with the graduate school, you will receive a UID (it starts with a U and ends in numbers). Please forward your UID to the Graduate Coordinator (gradchem@memphis.edu)
  2. After your application is complete (fees paid, transcripts, and, if applicable, certificates and TOEFL score), you will receive a confirmation email from the graduate school. Please forward this email to the Graduate Coordinator (gradchem@memphis.edu)