Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What degrees does the program offer?
    Our program offers non-Thesis Masters, Thesis Masters, and PhD degrees.

  2. Does the program confer online degrees?
    Graduate courses are not currently offered online. Online options are in preparation for Fall of 2024.

  3. Does the program offer any financial support?
    Our program offers graduate stipend and tuition support only for those candidates seeking a PhD degree. All stipend and tuition support offered to applicants is fully guaranteed for up to 5 years for those maintaining good standing in the program. Students seeking a terminal M.S. degree will only be considered for financial support after all Ph.D.-seeking students are funded.

  4. Does the program offer a fee waiver?
    No. We cannot currently offer a fee waiver.

  5. Is there a GRE requirement to be admitted in the program?
    We do not require the GRE. 

  6. What are the requirements for admission?
    All applicants to our program must meet all University of Memphis Graduate School requirements. There are no exceptions.

  7. Is there a GPA minimum?
    The University of Memphis will implement a GPA minimum of 2.75/4.0 for M.S.-seeking students and a 3.0/4.0 for Ph.D.-seeking students beginning for the Fall 2025 admission cycle. If you do not have a GPA that meets this threshold you are still
    encouraged to apply. Waivers can be granted on a case-by-case basis to students with weak GPAs who are strong in other areas (research, communication, etc.). Each applicant will be evaluated holistically!

  8. Can I send my application materials for pre-evaluation?
    No pre-evaluations of applicant materials will be made. Only completed applications through the Graduate School website will be considered.

  9. Is there a deadline for application?
    Our program has deadlines for full consideration of applications:

    a. For Fall admits, applications received before February 1st will be given full consideration.
    b. For Spring admits, applications received before July 1st will be given full consideration.

    Students applying after the deadline can expect delayed responses and may not be considered for admission if the incoming class is full.

  10. When should I expect to hear back about my application?
    Admissions are NOT made on a rolling basis. To ensure that all applicants who complete their applications before the deadline are given full consideration, decisions will be announced on set days:

    a. For Fall admits, offers, declinations, and waitlist decisions will be made on or before March 1st.
    b. For Spring admits, offers, declinations, and waitlist decisions will be made on or before August 1st.

  11. How can I learn more about the program?
    Opportunities to speak with our graduate coordinator via virtual meetings can be scheduled by sending a request to gradchem@memphis.edu and including: a) four combinations of days and times that you can be available for a 30 min discussion and b) your time zone.

  12. Can campus visits be arranged?
    Campus visits for admitted students will be considered by sending a request to gradchem@memphis.edu.