Chemistry Community Learning Center (CCLC)
J. M. Smith Chemistry - Room 114

Available at the CCLC:

  • 10 PC workstations with access to UMWare software for Chemistry and STEM course work
  • Several textbooks for General Chemistry (CHEM 1110 / 1120), the non-majors Chemistry of Materials course (CHEM 1010) and for Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3301), all for in-room use
  • Plenty of tables, couches, and work-space at which students may study in groups or as individuals
  • The CCLC is staffed by chemistry faculty and lab instructors who are there to help students learn how to work through study problems and to explain concepts that may be difficult to grasp

Spring 2020 - CCLC Schedule

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  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00AM James von Dollen Caleb Gallops Brian Hoffman Kris Amrhein Saghar Gomrok
10:00AM Joseph Burns Yongmei Wang
Caleb Galops
Mitchell Taylor Daniel Baker
Kris Amrhein
Xiaohua Huang
Vojtech Vinduska
11:00AM TJ Suhagia Henry Kurtz
Natalie Taylor
Ray Wilson Connor Frost Vojtech Vinduska
12:00PM Nathan DeYonker
Tamanna Ferdous
Tamanna Ferdous TJ Suhagia Hossain Shadman Ted Burkey
Atus Agbaglo
1:00PM Qianyi Cheng
Brittany Thomas
Xuan Zhao
Brittany Thomas
William Alexander
Aaron Jones
Hossain Shadman CLOSED
2:00PM Peter Bridson
Marcy Merritt
Timothy Brewster
Makenzie Griffing
Aaron Jones   CLOSED
3:00PM  Peter Bridson
Joseph Burns
Charles Garner
Mitchell Taylor
Tomoko Fujiwara
Charles Armstrong
4:00PM Alberto Rodriquez Nancy Santagata
Alberto Rodriguez 
Iulia Sacui
Charles Armstrong
Atsu Agbaglo CLOSED
5:00PM   Davis Dahlberg Brian Hoffman Chris Robinson CLOSED
6:00PM Jason Yarbro Davis Dahlberg Jason Yarbro Chris Robinson CLOSED