Advising for Chemistry Undergrads

Please see this document, Changes in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum (PDF)

Information for after you earn your degree

Please contact Dr. Peter Bridson to discuss undergraduate advising issues.

Please go for instructions for registration permit requests for UofM chemistry courses. These permits requests are not appropriate for courses in the Regents Online Degree Programs classes offered by Tennessee Board of Regents.

Important Information for Students Attempting to Register for CHEM 1110:

**If you receive the following error message when registering for CHEM 1110:  "Prerequisite and test score error," it is most likely that you have not met the MATH prerequisite for CHEM 1110. This may happen if you have not yet completed MATH 1710 or 1730 with a grade of C- or better or if you have taken MATH 1830 (Elementary Calculus) or above as your prerequisite MATH course.  MATH 1830 or above qualifies as an appropriate prerequisite, but the system may not be recognize it as such, so filing a Permit Request is the appropriate step to take.

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