Memphis Transit Academy


Andrew Guthrie

Dr. Andrew Guthrie



For more information about Transit Academy Lab please contact Dr. Gutheri.

As part of the Memphis 3.0 comprehensive planning initiative, CRP has partnered with Innovate Memphis to develop and conduct a series of transit academies—5-week courses on the principles and value of effective public transit. Participants include public officials, business and non-profit leaders, and community organizers.

The University's role in the academy includes Dr. Andrew Guthrie's development of an outreach and education curriculum designed to empower participants to continue organizing support for quality transit in the Memphis region after they complete the course, as well as both student and faculty participation in introducing and delivering course content. Course sessions include a mixture of conventional instruction, participatory activities including community asset and power mapping, and guest speakers from Memphis, TDOT, and national peer cities.

Transit Academy