Questions Students May Ask You

I received a letter / phone call saying that I will be dropped from the class for nonpayment of fees. What do I do?

If you have paid your fees to your high school, you will not be dropped. The computer has generated a response that does not apply to Dual Enrollment students. You should ignore it.

How do I obtain textbooks and other required materials for my class?

Students are required to buy their own textbooks. Most textbooks can be found at either the University Store on Campus or the Tiger Book Store on Walker Avenue. In specific instances, students will be given instructions for purchasing online editions of textbooks.

School districts may provide texts free to students who qualify for free lunches.

If I leave the school mid-semester, may I continue my Dual Enrollment class at my new school?

Students who transfer from one school to another may continue the same Dual Enrollment class only at the new school’s discretion. It is the student’s responsibility to see that already completed work and grades are transferred from one school to the other.

If the new school does not offer the same course for Dual Enrollment, or if Dual Enrollment is provided by an institution other than the University of Memphis, the student cannot continue to earn college credit.

Because the university approves Dual Enrollment teachers, students who become homebound cannot continue to earn university credit.

If you do not continue in a Dual Enrollment class, you must officially withdraw from the University to prevent an F grade in the class.

How can I obtain a UUID and password that will enable me to use university library resources?

The information you need is on your acceptance letter from the University. If you lose that piece of paper, you can call tech support (678-8888) and identify yourself as a Dual Enrollment student and request a User Name and Temporary Password. You must be prepared to give the technician either a Social Security number or your student U number (individual student U numbers are listed on the class rosters sent to teachers early in the semester).

One of my parents teaches at the University of Memphis. Will I receive an additional discount for my Dual Enrollment class?

Because the cost of a Dual Enrollment class has been considerably discounted already, no additional discounts will be given to family of faculty members.

If I apply to the University of Memphis for admission as a college freshman, do I have to pay the application fee?

Since you never paid an application fee when you applied for Dual Enrollment classes, you will need to pay the $25 application fee for your college application.

If I apply to the University of Memphis for admission as a college freshman, how should I respond to questions on the application having to do with previous college experience?

Your response to the question that asks if you have ever been enrolled in college should be “no.” You will answer “yes” to the question that asks if you have ever completed college coursework.

How do I order a transcript to be sent to other colleges or universities to which I am applying?

To order a transcript, go to the UofM homepage and locate Transcripts from the A-Z list. All of the information you need will be there. You may ask that the transcript be sent immediately or request that it not be sent until semester grades are verified.