Career Milestone Awards Ceremony

The ceremony (formerly known as the Staff Service Awards Ceremony), is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 8, at 10 a.m. in the UC Ballroom. Awardees in the College of Arts and Sciences are listed below.

Staff Member Years of Service Department
Patricia Pinkney 40 World Languages and Literatures
Evell Ballard 30 Anthropology
Glynda Luttman 30 World Languages and Literatures
Gerrit McGoldrick 30 CERI
Stephen Horton 20 CERI
Jenice Jackson 20 Institute For Intelligent Systems
Gary Patterson 20 CERI
Tricia Simmons 20 Math B Bollobas
Adrienne Bonton 15 Chemistry
Leila Boyd 15 Interdisciplinary Studies
Melody Bridgeford 15 Chemistry
Pamela DeShields 15 Hooks Inst for Social Change
Cheryl Hayes 15 Center for Excellence MD2K
Vickie Peters 15 School of Urban Affairs
Rhonda Smothers 15 Computer Science
Joseph Biggers 10 Center for Excellence MD2K
Deshone Marshall 10 CERI
Laura Simpson 10 Psychology