Updates from Egypt!

Graduate student DANIEL WARNE, second year PhD student is currently working with DR. SUZANNE ONSTINE and sent us an update from the site!

"I am currently assisting Dr. Onstine with the iconographic and epigraphic reconstruction of damaged portions of scenes within the tomb of Panehsy, located within the Dra Abu el-Naga necropolis along the edge of the agricultural zone of the West Bank of the Nile (not far from modern-day Luxor). This work has been immensely gratifying and requires utilizing knowledge from both my undergraduate and postgraduate training. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Onstine, my professors in the program and department for this experience.

I brought our beloved Memphis tiger mascot with me to Egypt and have attached a few photos of the team with our colors/logo. In addition to myself Daniel in the blue Memphis hat, pictured is our Egyptian Rais (Arabic word for foreman of workers) Omar and Jesus Herrerin, physical anthropologist from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain. It's very common to stop work for tea and an "Egyptian breakfast (pictured)" every morning around 11 AM, which is essentially an early American lunch. The workmen have nicknamed me "Baraka", which means 'blessed' in Arabic, and is part of a long-standing tradition for graduate students as they are accepted as part of the team by the very skilled Egyptians."


Jesus Herrerin is in the green shirt; he is our physical anthropologist from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain. Daniel Warne is in the blue Memphis hat; he is a . Rais is the Arabic word for foreman of workers, so it is his title. His full name is Omar Farouk Sayed El Guftawi.