Suzanne L. Onstine

Suzanne L. Onstine

Associate Professor

101 Mitchell
Office Hours
Tuesday and Thursday 1-2 or by appointment [Please note that I do fieldwork in Egypt during January and February and will not have campus office hours during this time.]


PhD University of Toronto, MA University of Toronto, BA University of Arizona

Fields of interest

Egyptology: social history, women and gender, religion, archaeology, Theban Tombs, New Kingdom, Third Intermediate Period, Late Period, Predynastic era, Nubia

Courses taught

1110 World Civ. I
3320 Ancient World
4320/6320 Ancient Near East
4321/6321 Egypt of the Pharaohs
4322 Ancient Rome
4323Ancient Greece
Graduate seminars on Egyptology (7320, 8320, 7070, 8070)
Special topics classes on Nubia; Archaeology and History

Representative Publications

Books Published/Accepted for Publication

  • The Graves of Mesaid: MFA excavations in a Predynastic Egyptian cemetery. (In development with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

  • The Tomb of Panehsy in Dra abu el-Naga: a study of use and reuse in the Theban necropolis (under contract with E.J Brill of Leiden).

  • The Role of the Chantress (Smayt) in Ancient Egypt (2005, British Archaeological Reports, London)

Journal Articles

  • "Women's participation in the religious hierarchy of Ancient Egypt" in Women in Antiquity: Real Women Across the Ancient World (2016)

  • "Prosthesis for the Afterlife. Mummified Individuals Found in the Ramesside Tomb of Panehsy, Theban Tomb (TT) 16. Luxor Egypt." Co-authored with Jesus Herrerín, Miguel Sanchez, Elizabeth Warkentin, Virginia Reckard, and Tiffany Redman. Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 50, (2014).

  • "A Preliminary Report on the Clearance of Theban Tomb 16 in Dra abu el Naga at Thebes" Book chapter (invited) in Archaeological Research in the Valley of the Kings and Ancient Thebes (2013). Ed. Pearce Paul Creasman. pgs. 227 - 240

  • "A brief report on the University of Memphis mission to Theban Tomb 16 in Dra abu el-Naga." Newsletter of the Society of the Study for Egyptian Antiquities summer 2012.

  • "University of Memphis Mission to Theban Tomb 16: The life of Panehsy, chanter and priest" Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 47, 2011, p. 231-236.

  • "Gender and the Religion of Ancient Egypt" in Religion Compass online journal of religion http://http://www.blackwell-compass.com/subject/religion/article_view?article_id=reco_articles_bpl178

  • "Mesaid Miscellanea", Journal of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities vol. 32(2005) [published 2007].

  • "Musician Priestesses in Ancient Egypt", The Ostracon. Vol. 13, no. 2; Summer 2002.

  • "Women in Ancient Egypt" Egypt Revealed June, 2001.

  • "The Relationship between Re and Osiris in the Book of Caverns", Journal of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities vol. 25 (1995) [published 1998].

Recent Conference presentations

  • May 5, 2016. Forgotten Discoveries 1891-2016 "Bab el-Gasus and the Chantresses of Amun"

  • April 2016. Annual General Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt "The Secondary Burials in Theban Tomb 16"


I am the faculty advisor for the Egyptology Graduate Student Association (EGSA) and RSO group for our Egyptology graduate students. I am also a founding Board Member of the Tennessee chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt; this group promotes education about Egypt through lectures and social events. 

Current projects

I am the director of the University of Memphis Mission to Theban Tomb 16 (Panehsy). We are studying a 19th dynasty tomb and the secondary burials in it through epigraphy, archaeology, and forensic studies of the human remains. We have been working in TT16 since 2008 and have unearthed hundreds of bones and mummy fragments. http://blogs.memphis.edu/suzanneonstine/