EH&S Forms

Many of our forms are designed to be submitted digitally. Please download the form you need, and save it to your desktop. You can then open the form from your desktop, fill it out, and save the completed form.* You are then able to attach the completed form to an email to the correct person. If you are unsure who to submit your form to, please send it to ehs@memphis.edu, and we will direct it to the proper person. 

Some of our forms have submit options. After completing the form using the downloading, completing, and saving steps above, you are able to click the submit button - clicking the submit button will generate and prompt email actions. If you are using Internet Explorer, there is no need to download forms with submit buttons - these forms open in IE, and can be completed and submitted from your IE browser; however, you may still download, complete, save, and submit via the same steps above, if you choose. Forms without submit buttons will need to be downloaded and saved to your desktop.

*Please remember it is a good idea to use the Save As function each new time you complete the form, giving each instance a unique identifier that you and your department will recognize. EH&S suggests that you Save As or print a copy of each instance for your department's records.

If you prefer to print a hard copy of your form, please deliver a copy to EH&S in 414 J. M. Smith Hall.

Biological Safety Forms

Chemical Safety and Waste Forms



General Safety Forms

Radiation Safety Forms