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Ph.D, 2005, Michigan State University

Academic Summary

Carey Mickalites's research and teaching interests include modernism, contemporary British fiction, and cultural theory. His first book, Modernism and Market Fantasy, demonstrated how British modernist fiction sought to critically retool the irrational and fantasmatic functions of capitalism during the period to its own aesthetic ends. He is currently writing a book about "the historical turn" in contemporary British fiction, and planning a third book, which will deal with comic modernism and will examine materials ranging from avant garde literature to comic strips to slapstick film and cartoons. Mickalites has also published numerous articles on topics that include the commercial figure of the child in Edwardian literature, political paranoia in Joseph Conrad, and the making of contemporary literary celebrity.

Select Publications

  • "Martin Amis's Money: Negotiations with Literary Celebrity." Postmodern Culture 24.1
    (September 2013). Web.
  • "Celebrity Modernism." Review of Jonathan Goldman, Modernism is the Literature of Celebrity
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  • Modernism and Market Fantasy: British Fictions of Capital, 1910 - 1939. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave, 2012.
  • "Fairies and a Flâneur: J. M. Barrie's Commercial Figure of the Child." Criticism 54.1 (winter 2012): 1-27.
  • "Manhattan Transfer, Spectacular Time, and the Outmoded." Arizona Quarterly 67.4 (winter 2011): 59-82.
  • "The Abject Textuality of The Secret Agent." Criticism 50.3. (2008): 501-526.
  • "Dubliners' IOU: The Aesthetics of Exchange in 'After the Race' and 'Two Gallants'." Journal of Modern Literature 30.2 (2007): 121-138.
  • "The Good Soldier and Capital's Interiority Complex." Studies in the Novel 38.3 (Fall 2006): 286-301.