Facilities Management

We have undergone major changes within Fogelman College of Business and Economics. We no longer have a Faculty Service Center, but we still have people to assist with getting you the things you need.

Facilities Manager

Policies & Procedures

Procedures for Keys

All keys are checked out through our Facilities Manager. Office keys, mailbox keys and various building keys will remain with you, but certain classroom keys which you will need should be returned at the end of each semester. This is extremely important! If these keys are not turned in, it causes a shortage for the following semester.

If you want your graduate assistant to have a key to your office, you must let the Facilities Manager know in advance. The key will be checked out in your name and you will be responsible for it. If you do not want your GA to have a key, but want him to have access to your office, you must inform the Facilities Manager in advance. We will not let anyone into your office without prior notice.

Lost Keys

If you lose your keys, they will be replaced, but please make every effort to find them before requesting new ones. A yearly key audit is conducted in early Fall. You must account for all keys that have been issued to you during the year.

Handouts and Other Materials

Please contact your Departmental Administrative Assistant to discuss Material Printing Procedures.  Faculty are encouraged to use library services to place class material on reserve. Such material may include articles, various handouts, and copies of transparencies used in the class. FCBE cannot duplicate copyrighted material without documented proper approval. 


We provide computer/projectors and TV/VCRs for classrooms that do not have this technology. However, our supply is very limited, and reservations must be made in advance of your scheduled presentations. This equipment must be picked up and returned. If you see that you are not going to need the equipment, PLEASE let our Facilities Manager know as soon as possible.


Incoming Mail From Outside The College

All incoming mail from outside the college is delivered to the mailroom in the Dean's Office. Mail will be sorted into the appropriate boxes as a first step in distribution. Mail slots are identified for UG, Master and Ph.D. program as well as for computer support and Technological Advancement functions. Once the initial sorting and distribution is complete, the Facilities Manager will pick up the mail to distribute to individual, locked faculty mailboxes in the faculty mail room located in room 212. All doctoral student and part-time instructor mail will be distributed into individual mailboxes also located in room 100. The Facilities Manager will deliver mail at least once a day as a regular practice Monday through Friday. Mail that is large in size and does not fit into mailboxes will be kept in the office of the Facilities Manager and the individual recipient will be notified by voice mail. In cases of bulk mail or mail that is in large numbers (e.g., surveys, etc.) special arrangements should be made in advance with the Facilities Manager. Accumulated mail for the faculty with extended leaves will be placed in their offices once their mailboxes are filled, unless arrangements for mail pick up are made by the individual faculty member.

Outgoing Mail

Faculty may drop outgoing mail at the Faculty Mail room, room 320, or the mail room in the Dean's Office, room FCB 430A. The outgoing mail will be sorted by the Facilities Manager. All outgoing mail must be identified by the individual sender's name. The Facilities Manager will sort and deliver the outgoing mail to the mailroom in the Dean's office to be picked up by the postal service. 

From Inside The College

Faculty may send material to other faculty and students by dropping the material in the designated location within the Faculty Mail Room. (FCB 320) There is a large, closed mail container in the Faculty Mail Room for this purpose. Materials left in this container will be distributed as part of the regular mail service. Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Part-time faculty should provide full information to their students and the Facilities Manager about how they can be reached by the students at the beginning of each semester. Information to students should include office hours, office numbers, phone numbers and information about locations for students to drop off material for their instructor. All such information should be provided as part of course syllabi and posted on the office door.