FCBE's Cook Analytics & Trading Lab Confirms Partnership with Oxford Analytica

For release:  September 12, 2014

DMichael Cook, founder and CEO of SouthernSun Asset Management, has just completed negotiations with Oxford Analytica (OXAN) regarding an exclusive partnership with the Cook Analytics & Trading Lab (CA&T) in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics (FCBE), to cooperate for an initial term of three years. Oxford Analytica (www.oxan.com) is a leading global analysis and advisory firm based in Oxford, England that draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategy and performance. This new resource puts the University of Memphis among a select group of universities worldwide that have access to this unique, cutting-edge educational tool.

"Everyone at the table agrees that this partnership offers tremendous upside for all parties and most importantly our UofM students," says Michael Cook. Resources like Oxford Analytica help move us to the next level.

In this new partnership, OXAN will provide to the CA&T Lab, in part, the following:

  1. The Oxford Analytica Daily brief for up to 20 terminals in the CA&T Lab;

  2. Collaboration with FCBE faculty and staff to customize a series of workshops and lectures – conducted in the CA&T Lab by OXAN staff throughout each academic year;

  3. Access, on several occasions during the academic year, for Lab students to participate in high-level OXAN conference calls. These calls usually focus on "hot" topics (e.g. Russian influence in Ukraine and potential economic and geopolitical impacts) and will normally have several high level special material experts from around the globe on the call; and

  4. Make available three delegate positions to attend the annual Global Horizons Conference and Black Tie Dinner at Blenheim Palace – held in mid-September. Beginning in 2015, one student, one faculty or staff, and one leading local business executive shall be chosen at the end of the Spring term to attend the conference.

"Our hope is that we can raise the bar in an urban public university setting, offering our University of Memphis students a unique hands-on and unrivaled experience," says Michael Cook. "By so doing, we increase the probability of achieving our vision of producing high caliber, skilled, uniquely prepared graduates who can think independently, analytically, logically, and globally unlike any in the country.

Finally, it is important to thank my dear friend Dr. David Young, Founder and Chairman of Oxford Analytica for his original vision back in 1975, and then to recognize the management and staff of Oxford Analytica led by Mr. Graham Hutchings, the firm's Managing Director, for their individual roles and collective effort in the evolution of this partnership up and to this point"

"Michael's generous gift, establishing the Lab, provides a solid foundation for an innovative educational experience that will help prepare our students and provide them with the skills necessary for a highly competitive job market. This new arrangement with Oxford Analytica certainly takes that to the leading edge of technology and data availability," said Dr. David Rudd, President of the University of Memphis. "Michael's commitment to U of M continues to bring a profound and enduring impact on the lives of our students and the broader Memphis community. Every Tiger owes him our deepest thanks."